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This service provides access to the Aeolus science data products collections. Users can freely browse and search the available products while registration is needed on the ESA Earth Online Portal for data download.

If you have not requested access to these data collections yet, visit the datasets description pages on the ESA Earth Online Portal which also contain detailed information on the AEOLUS mission, on the Product Format Specifications and data processing algorithms.

Clicking on the Collections button, the web interface shows the list of Aeolus available datasets. The full collection of Aeolus products and auxiliary data can be searched and browsed, but currently only the L1B preliminary products, L2B scientific wind products and L2C assimilated wind products as well as the L2A aerosol/cloud optical products are openly available for download.

Access to other products is limited to dedicated expert groups. Should you need access to such products, please fill the Data Access request form and send it by e-mail to EOHelp@esa.int.

FTP access: AEOLUS products can also be downloaded from ftps://aeolus-ds.eo.esa.int (FTP over SSL/TLS and using passive mode), with your own EO Sign In credentials.
More information on how to use the AEOLUS Online Dissemination Service and the FTP access can be found in the user manual.