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New Level-2A processor version 3.14.9 deployed in operations on the 28th July 2022. New software release document is available at Aeolus Level 2A documentation

This page is the gateway to access and download the free and open Aeolus science data products

Important Note: As of 22.06.2021 the new Aeolus orbit ANX 2.0 is in place

Aeolus scientific as well as preliminary wind and optical products are openly available in Near Real Time (NRT). As from September 13, 2022, Aeolus data is produced with the latest processor baseline 15.

The L2A aerosol/cloud optical profile products from baseline 12 are openly published.

Moreover, the dataset of baseline 11 is now further complemented by the newly reprocessed dataset covering the period from June 28, 2019 to October 10, 2020, completing the availability of the whole FM-B time-series (FM-B: laser B, switched on in June 2019) in baseline 11 or higher and hence with a very low bias due to the effective corrections in processing. A summary description of the quality of the newly reprocessed dataset is available here.

Additionally, the Aeolus Level-2C data product is openly accessible, which provides the ECMWF model wind vectors at the geolocations of assimilated Aeolus L2B winds.

For more details about processor baseline 12 as well as previous baseline versions, please visit ESA Earth Online Portal.

How to download?

1. Web Site Access:

2. FTP Access: ftps://aeolus-ds.eo.esa.int, i.e. by using explicit FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS and using passive mode), with your own EO Sign In credentials.

The L2B processor software is free and open. For further information about access to the software and mandatory data input, please consult the [ESA Earth Online Portal]. All auxiliary is available in dedicated public collection :

What is required?

In order to download any products of interest, please login with your own ESA EO Sign In account.

Do you need help?

Detailed information on the ESA's Wind Earth Explorer Mission, on the relevant Product Format Specifications and data processing algorithms, as well as on data unavailability periods and blacklisted data can be found on the ESA Earth Online Portal.

For more details please refer to the online Help Page.

Note that the full collections of Aeolus products can be searched and browsed but currently only wind products (from Baseline 10 to last 15) are publicly available for downloading. Access to other products are limited to dedicated expert groups. Should you need access to such products, please fill the Data Access request form and send it by e-mail to EOHelp@esa.int.

The access and use of Aeolus products are regulated by the ESA's Data Policy and subject to the acceptance of the specific Terms & Conditions.
Users accessing Aeolus products are intrinsically acknowledging and accepting the above.