Welcome to the ESA Aeolus Online Dissemination System

Aeolus LogoWelcome to the ESA Aeolus Online Dissemination System.
During the on-going Cal/Val phase, browsing the Aeolus products is free and open to any user while data download is restricted to authorised users (Developers, Cal/Val users, etc.). Free and open access to general public will be allowed at a later stage.

Data Access request:

Users requiring early access to the data for Cal/Val activities may submit a request by filling in the Data Access request form including the reference project (AO ID), their SSO ID and confirmation of the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for the use of AEOLUS data to be mailed to the ESA EOHelp.

Users who do not have a valid Earth Observation Single Sign-On (EO-SSO) account may register here.

Data browsing and download:

The "Collections" button above (top right) gives access to the Aeolus data.

Three different search mechanisms are provided:

- The Catalogue search allows for both temporal and geographical queries;
- The Tree view navigation allows data structure navigation; it is based on Processing Baseline (if applicable), Year-Month and Day (of sensing or validity).
- The File name search allows product searching by its file name or part of it (using wildcards).

Authorized Cal/Val users get access to the collections containing L1B-L2 Products, L2 Calibration data, Meteorological data, L1A and L1B Calibration data and Orbit Data.

User Support:

For enquiries relevant to the Aeolus Mission and Data Access, please contact the ESA EOHelp.

For enquiries relevant to Data Interpretation, Data Content or scientific topics, please refer to the Cal/Val Confluence Page (account can be provided by the ESA Aeolus cal/val team).

The mapping of each data type to a collection is available at Aeolus Collections. Aeolus products are provided in native Earth Explorer (EE) Ground Segment File Format Standard, as files with .TGZ or .EEF extension.

Details about Aeolus Products are available at: http://earth.esa.int/aos/AeolusCalVal.